Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

As much as I would LOVE to bump it higher there were parts that were frustrating as heck! But I have to admit the good overpowered the bits of bad.

Emotional Rollercoaster!! From beginning to end!

Multi facet, complex and heart warming characters!

Some of them I really wish could die a thousand deaths... plus a thousand more

Gritty, dark, scary and lonely world, where no one can be trusted, no one revered, no one loved because at the end of the day most are just looking for their own end goal, for their own wants and needs walking over whoever stands in their way.

At some point they have to start learning they are not alone. They are strong and brave because they refuse to go down quietly. They refuse to be pushed aside and ignored. Hunted like animals, treated liked dogs. They need to understand THEY ARE NOT BROKEN. THEY ARE NOT MONSTERS!

Heart shattering momentsNot for the weak of <3

Oh and that last line

Soooo all in all